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Don’t Even Think About These Illegal Ways to Make Money

Do you remember the good old days?  Most people that you knew were working, real estate was a solid investment, and we had a president named Bush, Clinton, or Bush.  The really good old days were when Ronald Reagan was president, but we are talking about the more recent good old days.  Unfortunately, some Americans elected someone to run the country who had no experience, and who was not fit to shine Bush’s shoes.  Anyway, here we are with unemployment at record levels, and good, decent people are out of work, with bills that need to be paid.  It is a snowball effect because when one person is hurting financially, they are not able to pay their rent on time, if at all, and not able to spend money in the community.  There are many people in that situation right now in this great country, “the land of opportunity”.


When jobs are scarce, this is the time to be resourceful.  There are ways to make money that someone may not ordinarily consider when the economy is robust.  How many times have we heard the phrase “You can always get a job working at McDonalds”?  McDonalds is not the answer to our unemployment problem, so ambitious people look for alternatives, and desperate people sometimes resort to illegal ways to make money.  Some illegal ways to make money are so preposterous and almost ridiculous; you would wonder why anyone would attempt these things in the first place.  For instance, why would anyone become a human mule? This is a person who swallows drugs, crosses the border, and then has the drugs somehow removed from their body.  There has to be a better way to make money.


Prostitution is always a popular way to make money illegally.  It is one of the oldest professions, and there always seems to be a ready and waiting clientele.  Unfortunately, this profession is not only illegal, but it is morally wrong.  For those who read and believe the Bible, this is not an option.  The drug industry always seems to be a popular illegal way to make money, but this is a very dangerous game.  In fact, this is no game.  You deal with shady characters, and if you get caught, you could go to jail for a long time.  Selling body parts is another illegal way to make money, and you really have to have the stomach for it.  If you don’t have the stomach for it, I’m sure you can buy one for the right price.


Sometimes even morally good people get caught up in some illegal ways to make money.  Improper adoptions could find someone on the wrong end of buying or selling a little, innocent baby.  We don’t always wish to acknowledge the ugly side of life, but we love to watch Nancy Grace.  There are illegal ways to make money for sure, but here is hoping that whoever reads this never has to apply for that type of position.  The abundant life is out there, go for it.




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